Will Anglin

Do It Anyway

Originally published February 2017 By Will Anglin We all have our own strengths and weaknesses, climbing styles we prefer, types of holds we “hate”, etc. It is good to have strengths, but we all need to work on our weaknesses in order to realize our full potential. It is uncomfortable to confront aspects of our

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Originally published May 2018 By Will Anglin     Something that I find continually humbling is how many large gaps still remain in the understanding of the human body. Even in sports where the research vastly outpaces the research in climbing, there are still countless unknowns. Research is important and I have huge respect for

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Originally published April 2017 By Will Anglin   Nobody wants to follow rules. I get it. I hate rules.  But you know what I like even more than I like hating rules? Getting better at climbing. And you know what can help you get better at climbing? RULES!   We all know that person at

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