Writings from Tension Climbing athletes, coaches, and trainers.

Do It Anyway

Originally published February 2017 By Will Anglin We all have our own strengths and weaknesses, climbing styles we prefer, types of holds we “hate”, etc.

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Originally published May 2018 By Will Anglin     Something that I find continually humbling is how many large gaps still remain in the understanding

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Originally published April 2017 By Will Anglin   Nobody wants to follow rules. I get it. I hate rules.  But you know what I like

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To Catch A Dream

WRITTEN BY NICHOLAS MILBURN It is a wonderful feeling to sit on top of your project. It took me years to finally sit on top

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Hangboarding: A Way

I’ve struggled the past few years to write anything at all, much less something about hangboarding. Partly because of how dogmatic much of the training

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