Here you can find answers to some of the common questions we receive about products, purchasing, and shipping. All other inquiries can be submitted via email to [email protected]

Wood color

Our hangboard products are made from Poplar which contains natural mineral stains that can result in variations in color. We do not consider these color variations to be cosmetic defects.


Card payments are typically blocked if the zip code doesn’t match the one your bank has on file. If you’re having issues processing an order please double check the zip code you provided your bank and try again. Blocked charges may show up temporarily in your bank account, but if you didn’t receive an order confirmation, the card processing company will refund the charges in a few days.

Gym INfo

For gym pricing please contact [email protected]


You will receive a tracking number as soon as we can package and ship your item(s).  We are a small company and sometimes this may take a few days

The USPS 1-3 day shipping option is their estimated delivery time frame.  It does NOT mean we will be shipping immediately and you will receive your item(s) in that short of a time frame.

Please check your tracking number prior to inquiring about a delivery date.

Custom Wall Builders/Contractors

If you are interested in having someone build your wall, please check out contractors in your area:

Front Range, CO
  • Custom Home Walls LLC (Regional Home Wall Builder)
Seattle/Portland/Los Angeles/Bay Area


Our LED Kit is produced by Aurora Climbing.

Any LED Kit support issues should be directed to: [email protected]

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