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    4″ Ball (Knob)


    The 4” Knob is a best seller and crowd favorite. Perfectly sized for a single hand. Whether it is on a campus board, training board, tread-wall, or home wall, everyone can have a good time pulling at a multitude of angles.

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    5″ Ball (Incut)


    The 5” Incut Ball is an extremely versatile multi-directional hold. Just wide enough to be a challenging pinch, just incut enough to promote use at all wall angles, and just narrow enough to make matching difficult. Great for all types of training.

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    5″ Ball (Jug)


    Built off of our 5” Moderate Incut Ball, the 5” Jug Ball has a 30 degree incut on one side and a sloper profile on the other. This confidence inspiring hold that is perfect for big moves, dynos, and tricky matches. Well suited to all wall angles.

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    5″ Ball (Moderate Incut)


    The most comfortable sloper ball ever. The custom profile and slight incut allows the holds to fit the hand on multiple wall angles. Excellently suited for campus board applications.

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    6″ Ball (Sloper)


    The 6” Sloper is one of our more difficult holds. This large sloper is challenging to hold at all angles, but also makes for an interesting and demanding foothold.

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    Brick Pinch (Large)


    Specifically designed for the campus board, The Brick Pinch (Large) is an extra-deep straight-sided pinch that helps keep the user from smashing their fingers on the back of the wall during hard campus board sessions. Equally at home on a climbing wall, this hold is versatile at all wall angles.

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    Brick Pinch (Small)


    The Brick Pinch (Small) is a narrow straight-sided pinch that is surprisingly difficult to hold at steeper angles. A great companion to our other pinch shapes and extremely versatile for training walls where space is limited.

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    Foot Hold (Sloper)


    Wooden feet require precision and attention no matter the wall angle or difficulty level. With a texture that is not too slick and not too tacky, the Sloper Foot holds have become an integral part of our training process. Best suited for slab to slightly overhung walls.

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    Large Crimp (Shallow)


    The Large Crimp (Shallow) is the most difficult of the Large Crimp family. The shallow incut makes the hold more demanding, but still comfortable and useful at steeper angles.

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    Large Crimp (Moderate)


    The Large Crimp (Moderate) has a deeper incut than the Large Crimp (Shallow) making it best suited for steeper angles. A great edge for steep walls, roof climbing, and long moves.

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    Large Crimp (Deep)


    The Large Crimp (deep) has the deepest incut of the Large Crimp family. The deep incut makes the hold best suited for steep angles, roof climbing, and long moves.

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    Round Edge (Small)


    The Round Edge (Small) is one of the most difficult holds we produce. The fully round edge makes this hold frustratingly comfortable while also providing a challenge for those who want to challenge their crimp strength to the limit on steeper angles.

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