Large Plastic Pack


This set of 6 comfortable holds selected from the TB2 are the perfect addition to any home wall or spray wall. These larger holds are specifically designed to facilitate interesting “matching” possibilities. The hold footprints are smaller relative to what you might expect from holds of this type, allowing you to maximize hold density and versatility on your wall. 

Pack Contents:

47L + 47R- Matchable Jug. A classic start hold. While it is matchable, one hand position is significantly better than the other, making proper sequencing more consequential.

15L + 15R- Variable, matchable rail. A hold with a 2-pad flat edge section that compliments an off-set incut crip on one side. The unique grip positioning facilitates numerous sequencing options.

13L + 13R- Matchable rail. This concave rail has a sweet spot on one end that adds a level of nuance to how the hold is best gripped given different moves, body positions, and sequences.

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Hardware (not included):

16x: 4″ T-25 Screw and 8x: 2.5″ T-25 Screw


4x: 3″ Socket Head Bolt and 2x: 3.5″ Socket Head Bolt

Weight 7.8 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 14 × 4 in


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Large Plastic Pack

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