Medium Plastic Pack A


This set of 9 comfortable holds selected from the TB2 are the perfect addition to any home wall or spray wall. These more moderate holds provide a wide range of possibilities while the relatively small hold footprints, allow you to maximize hold density and versatility on your wall. 

Pack Contents:

2x: 66s- Over-round incut. The exaggerated edge radius makes this hold extremely comfortable, but surprisingly demanding.

2x: 18L + 18R- Dimpled incut edge. The subtle surface dimples engage the fingers differently depending on how the hold is grabbed.

3x: 64s- Jug pinch. Shaped to fill the entire hand, this is a great hold for warming up and doing large moves.

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Hardware (not included):

12x: 1 5/8″ T-25 Screw, 4x: 2.5″ T-25 Screw, and 12x: 4″ T-25 Screw


6x: 2.5″ Socket Head Bolts and 3x: 3.5″ Socket Head Bolts

Weight 6.8 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 in


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Medium Plastic Pack A

Availability: In stock