Plastic Foot Pack


Foot holds are the unsung heroes of every great climb. This selection of 13 footholds from the TB2 are sure to elevate your home wall or spray wall experience. The intentional designs and relatively small hold footprints allow you to maximize hold density and versatility on your wall.

Pack Contents:

2x: 6s- A rounded smear foot. The shape makes it very difficult to pull with the feet, making it most suitable as a push-foot. 

2x: 35L + 35R- A directional, incut foot. Great for movements that emphasize pulling with the feet. Extremely versatile. 

4x: 7s- An incut edge. Less subtle and easy to engage from most directions.

3x: 8s- 2 sided slopey foot. A nuanced shape that emphasizes articulation of the foot to engage the textured dishes.

*Hardware not included

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The Plastic Foot Pack requires the following hardware (not included):

26x: 1 5/8″ T-25 Screw


13x: 2″ Button Head Bolt

Weight 2.35 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 2 in


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Plastic Foot Pack

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