Power Strips (Pair)


When Coach Nate Drolet approached us about a gap in today’s campus boards, we agreed that something was missing. We teamed up with our friends over at Power Company Climbing to create the Power Strips.

Sold as a pair and designed with both 10mm and 15mm edges, the Power Strips are wide enough to be an easy target, but compact enough to fit onto a busy campus board. The split design means you can get your thumb in on the training (if you choose to) and gives you the ability to place the strips at a width that suits your needs. And whenever you’re ready to change up the edge size, simply invert and reinstall the holds.

From advanced contact strength to foot-on endurance training, the Power Strips are the next logical step in your campus board training.

Product Specs:

10mm and 15mm rounded wooden edges

5 inches x 2 inches

Metal screw inserts and hardware included.

Availability: In stock

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 1.2 in
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