Small Plastic Pack A


This set of 10 demanding incut crimps and flat edges selected from the TB2 are the perfect addition to any home wall or spray wall. These small, utilitarian holds provide a wide range of possibilities while the relatively small hold footprints, allow you to maximize hold density and versatility on your wall. 

Pack Contents:

2x: 11L + 11R- Narrow incut flap. A generous 3 finger incut that can also accommodate 4 fingers. The tighter edge radius makes this hold especially useful as a sidepull or undercling. 

2x: 49L + 49R- Quarter pad incut crimp. Great for full-crimping and pulling into the wall. Tastefully dual-texed with a textured portion for thumb utilization and smearing. 

36L + 36R- Small flat edge. Very demanding. Emphasizes body tension, control, and thumb engagement.

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Hardware (not included):

12x: 1 5/8″ T-25 Screw and 12x: 2.5″ T-25 Screw


4x: 2″ Socket Head Bolt and 6x: 2″ Button Head Bolt

Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 2 in


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Small Plastic Pack A

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