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    A.UX Bucket


    a.ux // advanced user experience

    It has always been our aim to develop better, more functional climbing products.
    Like all of our offerings, the a.ux bucket is the solution to a need of the common climber – the ideal chalk bucket.
    One that’s simple, functional, and will last.

    Key Specs:
    — Cordura nylon shell fabric
    — Metal hardware
    — Heavy-duty neodymium magnetic closure
    — Lux velboa faux fur fabric lining
    — Large accessory pocket with heavy-duty #10 YKK zipper
    — Triple easy access brush loops
    — Extra durable reflective front webbing
    — Fortified base for better stability
    — Made in Louisville, Colorado
    — Limited lifetime warranty

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    A.UX Pack


    We are proud to introduce the a.ux pack (Advanced User eXperience)- a multi-year project designed to enhance your bouldering experience.

    The clamshell design transforms from backpack to workstation with a single zip – creating a flat, ergonomic profile that folds into any crashpad with ease.

    Thoughtful interior organization keeps your layers clean and chalk free while storing your gear neatly, so you can focus on the task at hand.

    Key features:
    – Front Guidebook Pocket
    – Fleece-lined cell phone slot
    – Integrated key clip
    – Double bar tacked side handles
    – Clam shell design for easy crash pad stowing
    – Multiple entry system for easy access to your gear
    – Dedicated brush slots and skin kit pocket
    – Transparent interior fabric for visual organization
    – Stowable divider in rear cell offers greater customization
    – Adjustable load straps

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    E-Gift Card


    Unsure of what to buy? Get an E-Card as a gift for friends and family. Select from amounts ranging from $25-$100 or click “Other amount” to set a custom amount.

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    Grindstone Mk2


    The next evolution of our flagship hangboard. Combining unmatched comfort, improved design, and the utility of our former Grindstone models, the Mk2 represents everything we’ve learned about designing and producing single piece hangboards.

    The Grindstone Mk2 is based around an asymmetrical edge layout to ensure equal grip spacing for each edge size to deliver a more consistent training stimulus.

    The custom edge profile eliminates the typical pressure points of a standard rounded edge. Making it possible to train 4, 3, 2, or even 1 finger at a time without the need for designated pockets.

    *Please e-mail [email protected] for shipping costs to Alaska and Hawaii*

    To purchase in Austria, Germany, or Switzerland, click here


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    Kumiki EverActive®️ Climbing Wall – 8′ Wide


    This wall supports the 8’x12′ Tension Board sets + kicker.
    NOTE: A forklift is required to remove from the shipping truck. If you don’t have access to one, please call to order so we can work with you on delivery options.
    Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions.

    Product Features:

    8’x12’ + 1’ Kicker (Above 12” Landing Surface)
    Angles range from 0˚-65˚
    Panels are made from durable, Baltic birch
    Anchors to 4″ concrete floor with specialized concrete anchors
    Uses linear electric actuators for movement. No hydraulic fluid used
    Uses standard electrical outlet for power
    Easy Assembly, Fast Installation
    LED Lighting System Compatible
    Uses Standard Electric Outlet
    Optional Landing Surface Available
    For indoor use only
    Protected by U.S. Patent 10,918,925

    Available Options:

    Frame Color – Black, Red or Blue. Custom upgrades also available upon request (+$501)
    Panel Color – Clear, Black or Gray. Custom upgrades also available upon request (+$501)
    T-nut pattern – Tension
    Optional 12” riser also available.
    We recommend 12” deep flooring under your EverActive Adjustable Wall. We can provide Cordura® covered flooring at an additional cost in a multitude of colors.

    Powder-coated Frame
    T-nutted Panels – Painted or Clear-coated
    Electronics for movement (actuators, control box and remote)
    All assembly and mounting hardware.
    Assembly, installation and maintenance instructions.

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    Power Strips (Pair)


    When Coach Nate Drolet approached us about a gap in today’s campus boards, we agreed that something was missing. We teamed up with our friends over at Power Company Climbing to create the Power Strips.

    Sold as a pair and designed with both 10mm and 15mm edges, the Power Strips are wide enough to be an easy target, but compact enough to fit onto a busy campus board. The split design means you can get your thumb in on the training (if you choose to) and gives you the ability to place the strips at a width that suits your needs. And whenever you’re ready to change up the edge size, simply invert and reinstall the holds.

    From advanced contact strength to foot-on endurance training, the Power Strips are the next logical step in your campus board training.

    Product Specs:

    10mm and 15mm rounded wooden edges

    5 inches x 2 inches

    Metal screw inserts and hardware included.

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    Roots Tee


    The Tension Roots Tee was inspired by extreme metal band logos. Why? Well… what’s more metal than squeezing rocks until your fingers bleed?

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    Shoe Spray


    This unique combination of natural cleaning, conditioning, and drying agents is specifically formulated to increase shoe rubber performance while protecting the rock from the polishing effect of dirty shoes.

    It revives the tackiness of your shoes, allowing you to stick better to volumes and footholds. And no… it’s not just rubbing alcohol.


    The Shoe Spray is a non-toxic, biodegradable, plant based climbing shoe cleaner. This unique solution is formulated to clean and restore climbing shoe rubber to its original tacky feel. Over time rubber becomes stiff and slick due to exposure to oxygen. The Shoe Spray is specially formulated to perform three key functions. First, the solution removes dirt and chalk leaving the shoe rubber free of debris. Second, the spray deoxidizes the rubber which restores it to its original tacky feel. Finally, the conditioning agent protects the rubber and helps maintain its tacky feel by slowing oxidation.


    Small particles of dirt on your shoes act like sandpaper and can contribute to holds becoming polished. By removing dirt and other small particles you are helping prolong the life of the rock. While some amount of polishing is inevitable due to climbing, with clean shoes we can help reduce our impact on the rock. Shoe cleaning is one small change that can have a huge impact over the course of a lifetime of climbing.


    Once your shoes are completely dry you can enjoy their enhanced performance.  The alcohol in our solution acts as a drying agent to help your shoes dry fast so you can get back to climbing. We have found our spray to be incredibly useful for all types of climbing, but especially with volumes in gyms, climbing in cold weather, and on polished feet.


    1. Apply 2-3 sprays of Tension Climbing Shoe Spray to the climbing shoe rubber.
    2. Wait 10-20 seconds to allow the solution to deoxidize the rubber.
    3. Wipe off the remaining solution with a lint free cloth and allow rubber to air dry completely before climbing.
    4. Enjoy increased shoe rubber performance!


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    Simple Board


    Simple Board J1086
    – Comfortable top jug component for warming up and general pulling exercises.

    – A sequence of three edges for minimum edge depth training


    This profile is available in a single 22in piece or pairs of 5.5in pieces

    *Please e-mail [email protected] for shipping costs to Alaska and Hawaii*

    To purchase in Austria, Germany, or Switerzland, click here
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    Simple Edges (Pair)


    With a 9mm edge on one side and a 7mm edge on the other, the Simple Edges are a perfect companion to the Grindstone Mk2 or any of our Simple Board hangboards. They also serve as a great standalone challenge in themselves. Whether you’re looking to bring more diversity to your small edge training or add another stepping stone towards training on the 8mm or 6mm edge, the Simple Edges are it.

    Metal screw inserts and hardware included.

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    Our new high-performance tape is available in a Tri-Pack which includes a .3″, .5″, and 1″ roll! The 1″ roll is great for wrists, ankles, tape gloves, or tearing down to specific widths; the .5″ roll works best for larger blisters, and the .3″ rolls are pre-cut to fit perfectly on your finger tips. The tape adhesive is incredibly sticky and works great even in cold temperatures. It’s perfect for both gym and outdoor use.

    New- Due to the popularity of our tape, we have two new pack options! The tape is now available in .3″ (3-pack) and .5″ (2-pack).


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    Treadwall™ Sets


    These wood hold sets are a great option to add to a Treadwall™. The minimal texture is perfect for endurance training.

    Both sets are designed to set one lap on a Treadwall™ and contain a variety of incut edges, crimps, pinches, fingerbuckets, and feet.

    The hard set contains smaller/ medium sized holds while the moderate set contains medium/ large holds.

    Now includes bolts!

    Please allow up to 4 weeks from the time of order to the time of shipment. Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.

    Please note that there is a 3% processing fee that is non-refundable. 

    We do NOT sell the wall itself or provide construction plans.

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