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    Simple Board


    Simple Board J1086
    – Comfortable top jug component for warming up and general pulling exercises.

    – A sequence of three edges for minimum edge depth training


    This profile is available in a single 22in piece or pairs of 5.5in pieces

    *Please e-mail info@tensionclimbing.com for shipping costs to Alaska and Hawaii*

    To purchase in Austria, Germany, or Switerzland, click here
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    Simple Edges (Pair)


    With a 9mm edge on one side and a 7mm edge on the other, the Simple Edges are a perfect companion to the Grindstone Mk2 or any of our Simple Board hangboards. They also serve as a great standalone challenge in themselves. Whether you’re looking to bring more diversity to your small edge training or add another stepping stone towards training on the 8mm or 6mm edge, the Simple Edges are it.

    Metal screw inserts and hardware included.

  • Tape


    Our new high-performance tape is available in a Tri-Pack which includes a .3″, .5″, and 1″ roll! The 1″ roll is great for wrists, ankles, tape gloves, or tearing down to specific widths; the .5″ roll works best for larger blisters, and the .3″ rolls are pre-cut to fit perfectly on your finger tips. The tape adhesive is incredibly sticky and works great even in cold temperatures. It’s perfect for both gym and outdoor use.

    New- Due to the popularity of our tape, we have two new pack options! The tape is now available in .3″ (3-pack) and .5″ (2-pack).


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    Tension Board 2


    The Next Evolution – Years in the Making

    The Tension Board 2 was developed from the ground up to be the singular most effective systemized training board. Built on a foundation of versatility – we combined the symmetrical DNA of the TB1 with the functionality of a traditional spray wall, resulting in the optimal climbing and training experience.

    For more information, click HERE. For frequently asked questions, click HERE.

    We do NOT sell the wall itself or provide construction plans. Please check out our FAQ page for wall builders in your area. Click HERE .

    Please note that there is a 3% processing fee that is non-refundable.

    Hardware sold separately.

    Please allow 6-12 weeks for your order to process and ship. If you have any questions, please email info@tensionclimbing.com.

  • Tension Board 2 Screw Packs


    T-25 screws of varying lengths, perfectly suited for the Tension Board 2 holds.

  • Treadwall™ Sets


    These wood hold sets are a great option to add to a Treadwall™. The minimal texture is perfect for endurance training.

    Both sets are designed to set one lap on a Treadwall™ and contain a variety of incut edges, crimps, pinches, fingerbuckets, and feet.

    The hard set contains smaller/ medium sized holds while the moderate set contains medium/ large holds.

    Now includes bolts!

    Please allow up to 4 weeks from the time of order to the time of shipment. Please email info@tensionclimbing.com if you have any questions.

    Please note that there is a 3% processing fee that is non-refundable. 

    We do NOT sell the wall itself or provide construction plans.

  • Wavy Tee

    Regular Fit
    100% Organic Cotton
    Designed and Screen Printed in Colorado
  • Whetstone


    The Whetstone was designed to be an ideal first hangboard for climbers beginning their training journey.  We have included a series of elements that we’ve found consistently valuable for both new and seasoned climbers.

    The top jug on the Whetstone is something new. The edge profile was designed to promote a more “active” grip and reduce “over-wrapping” the wrist.  A series of “ergo-bumps” was included to both improve the comfort of the grip and also to act as an edge that can be draped in an open-handed grip to more evenly distribute force between each finger as an aid for rehabilitating some finger tweaks.

    The 40mm 2-finger pockets are perfectly sculpted to provide the most comfortable pockets you’ve ever felt on a hangboard. 

    We built in a progression of larger edges for beginning hangboarders (and for experienced hangboarders with larger hands), while still progressing down to a 20mm edge, which has become the de facto edge size for benchmark testing.

    The center edge is 40mm deep, but with a fully custom edge profile that is incut at 10 degrees to help facilitate an introduction to more advanced 1-arm hanging progressions.

  • Defect Holds


    We take pride in our quality control, but sometimes mother nature has other plans. So, here are our less-than-perfect holds. Our defect holds are often unfinished, and they require varying levels of additional sanding. They may have beauty marks, chips, dents, or machine mistakes.

    All holds are selected randomly based on what is available. The price listed is per individual hold, and it’s roughly 50% off the normal hold price.

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    Button Head Bolts


    Button head bolts have a short head and should be used with bolt on holds under 1″ deep.

    Our current lead time for bolts is about 2 weeks. Please email info@tensionclimbing.com if you have any questions.

  • Jug Rungs


    The Jug Rungs might just be the most fun thing on the campus board. These giant incut rungs all but eliminate finger power from the equation and promote the development of upper body strength and power. Our custom rung profile, laser engraving, and 16” or 20” widths make these the most comfortable and easiest to use campus rungs…ever.

    Hardware Sold Separately

    *Please leave a note at checkout or e-mail info@tensionclimbing.com with how you would like your rungs numbered. We can do any numbers 1-12

  • #8 Philips Screw (Individual)


    Short screws for small campus rungs and screw ons.

    Long screws for medium and large campus rungs.

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