Tension Board 2

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The Next Evolution – Years in the Making

The Tension Board 2 was developed from the ground up to be the singular most effective systemized training board. Built on a foundation of versatility – we combined the symmetrical DNA of the TB1 with the functionality of a traditional spray wall, resulting in the optimal climbing and training experience.

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208 reviews for Tension Board 2

  1. Emil Geisler

    Straight up best board on the market. Timmy Kang put it well – the moonboard is a low angle and has minimal feet options, and so most of the movement ends up training your ability to grab holds in weird positions and generate from awkward positions. The kilter board is primarily positive holds, but has many feet options, and all the feet are jugs. So the movement is focused more on upper body than on foot technique. TB2 has the perfect quality of feet which are bad but usable which forces you to actually climb well lmao. So sick!

  2. Aleksei Vashchenko

    Before the Tension Board 2 came to my local gym, I was using the Kilter board exclusively. I tried the Grasshopper, Tension board 1, and Moon boards extensively but Kilter felt the best for me. After trying the Tensions board 2, I now divide my training equally between the two boards for different reasons. The major difference between the two boards for me is based on what I use them for. I use the Kilter for endurance sessions, while I use the T2 for power days. I also like how the T2 crew has started putting quality beta YT videos before their competitors started to follow suite.

  3. thomas

    great board! wish my gym had the new version

  4. Gustav von Zelowitz

    Just simply an amazing board. You can go for such a long time on it because of the wooden holds, the layout and variety is amazing. By far the best board I have used or seen.

  5. Alex Oram

    This board is seriously amazing! I love that you can get a big variety of difficulty and style regardless of the angle, and it’s just a pleasure to climb on. Both an amazing tool for training and just fun to go sesh on!!

  6. Lachlan

    The next evolution in LED system boards. Opens up new dimensions of board climbing while maintaining the integrity and relevancy of its predecessor.

  7. Lachlan Moore

    The next evolution in LED system boards. Opens up new dimensions of board climbing while maintaining the integrity and relevancy of its predecessor.

  8. Leandro Barriga

    TB2 has been not only one of the best designed boards ever but a true session board that has allowed my community of climbing friends to session on it together weekly every Thursday. No other board has driven the social element as much as TB2 has. Merci

  9. Karl Johann Ehasalu

    It’s the best board I have ever climbed, That’s definitely better than just a hanging board. Your fingers will get way stronger if you climb this. Definitely every gym should have 1.

  10. Trevor

    Cool ass board. It kicks my ass and makes me feel weak. I love it.

  11. Ty Mahnke

    Best board on the market that translates to outdoors. Hold variety is great. This board is stout!

  12. Ciaran Lynch

    Looks great! I love watching the tension youtube videos

  13. Gabriel Valencia

    The few times I’ve climbed on this have definitely proven to me how amazing this board is. By far the best one on the market currently, combining what makes every other board good into one full package.

  14. Cadmiel Velazquez

    I like it better than the tension 1. Definitely friendlier on the skin. I also really like the new hold types and how Enrique the climbs are.

  15. Isabelle

    This board is unique and a fantastic commercial gym board. The holds are accessible at low angles, but scale up fast to create difficult and engaging climbs. The combo of wood and plastic is really nice. The hold types also allow for neat footwork opportunities, technical sequences, and fun + hard sets.

  16. Alan H

    Fantastic board. Mirror layout and the selection of holds make it the best board. It’s really cool to be able to work both sides equally. Also the app has been the least glitchy in my experience. Everything seems to work smoothly, which always helps when you’re sharing the board with other climbers.

  17. Alex Caldwell

    Great holds, won’t shred your skin for long sessions. Amazing board, so much fun that it does not feel like training !

  18. Trevor Barbier (verified owner)

    My favorite system board! This thing feels the most aligned with training for outdoor objectives, and I’m lucky to have a home wall version in my garage.

  19. Patrick Gavrylchuk

    Love how you can train both sides equally. Something I definitely struggle with, and will continue to train when using this board

  20. Brandon Harrell-Abbey

    This board is killer! The hold variety and locations as well as the adjustable wall angle make for some incredible blocs

  21. Owen West Poley

    Favorite System board out there! I love the variety of holds on the TB2, it allows for a wide range of styles of climbing while still keeping a high level of intensity! Really enjoy how the smaller crimps feel when crimping hard.

  22. Andrew

    #1 board available! All of the benefits of an amazing spray wall (hold type, placement, and density – along with difficult foot holds) without the huge time investment in setting/tweaking your personal spray wall. Buy one of these and let Tension do all the work for you.

  23. Martin

    crazy good board! strong fingers incoming. has to be in every gym from now!

  24. Bob

    crazy good board! strong fingers incoming 🙂

  25. Alex Chavira

    I just climbed on this board for the first time a few weeks ago and can’t get enough of it. It feels so versatile in terms of climbing style and much better on my fingers than any other board I’ve tried.

  26. Gregoire

    One of the best board I’ve tried so far!
    Just in love with the wooden holds, just perfect for hard training sessions.

  27. Daniel Frost

    Forget about hang boards. The Tesnsion Board will make you freaky strong

  28. Pravit C

    I bought the Tension Board 2 to be my home climbing gym, replacing a Kilter Board and canceling my gym membership. The TB2 is the only thing I climb indoors and I couldn’t be happier!

    The TB2 has the most interesting movement and hold shapes of any board I’ve climbed on. It’s also incredibly dense with holds. The wooden feet force you to push super hard to keep tension. The plastic holds have some really interesting shapes and dualtex features. For example there are whole hand slopers, holds big enough to heel hook on, and holds that can be used in multiple orientations. I like how many TB2 climbs incorporate heel hooks and bicycles – something I’ve rarely seen on other boards.

    The TB2 forces you to climb with a lot more body tension and precision than other boards. Unlike the Kilter Board where the main source of difficulty is doing bigger and bigger moves between juggy holds, the TB2 allows a wide variety of styles. Hard tensiony moves between tiny crimps, power moves between positive holds – it’s like a combination of the best parts of the TB1, Kilter, and Moonboard.

    Within my first few sessions on the TB2, it immediately shined a glaring light on my weaknesses – specifically, foot tension, open hip climbing, and pinches. On other boards I could ‘cheat’ through having to address them, not so with the TB2.

    The only drawback is that these days I’m more interested in climbing the TB2 than going outside!

  29. Noah

    Best board I have climbed on and I wish my gym had one.

  30. Aarya

    Incredible board, every gym needs this.

  31. James

    Luv this thang. Strong.

  32. Brenton Kreiger

    Best board for training outdoor climbing but not feeling like total crap while you are climbing on it.

  33. Jonathan Wilkins

    Honestly haven’t tried this board yet, but from the many videos I’ve seen about it, it sounds like a top tier board! Can’t wait to try it out!

  34. Jason Wang

    Only been able to try out the 12x8s so far, but the climbing has been absolutely banger. Makes me feel weak but the learning is just as good 👍

  35. Kevin Lee

    best training board ever. love the mix of wood and plastic holds and the shapes are clearly well thought-out

  36. Sondre

    Looks and climbs amazing. Will make your fingers strong!

  37. Dexter Bjuveus

    This is genuinely the best board on the market. Truly the perfect training tool for outdoor climbing!

  38. Adriano de Souza

    I’ve climbed on all the system boards out there (kilter, moon, grasshopper, TB1) and the TB2 is by far my favorite!! I’ve had the privilege of climbing on the spray layout and the mirror layout, they’re fantastic. This board allows for creativity of movement while always requiring the grr of climbing outside. So much fun!

  39. Alex K (verified owner)

    New climber in mid-40s working through V0-V4s on TB2 10×12 home wall mirror at 45 degree. There are so many variety of holds, crimp, pinch, sloper that challenge me. Tried Moonboard and is never a fan, Kilter is not really enticing. The TB2 really nails it, especially with the Mirror set up. Without a pro coach to train myself, I can tell a big difference, strength , weakness trying the same move in opposite direction. In my opinion the biggest differentiator between TB and any other system boards, or spray walls.

    Lastly, their staffs are the best I have dealed with across all discipline. Pre-purchase inquires, post shipping / custom inquiries, even holds cleaning questions are politely and professional responded.

  40. J Scharfman

    By far the best board out there. Can’t get enough of it. Very evident from the first time pulling on that so so much thought was put into both the layout and the holds themselves.

  41. Bodhi Cantor

    Love the TB2 I only wish my gym had the 12×12. So much variety of movement , most of the holds are really great.
    Favorite hold black underclings scoop
    Least favorite hold: weird 2.5 finger pockets

  42. Arvin Ghanevati

    Absolutely phenomenal board. One of if not the best board out there? So many sick grips, but I think one of the best attributes is in the foot hold choice, and how the feet on this board can actually make you a better climber. The feet on other boards are lacking in comparison, especially when you track feet on hands. This thing is insane and allows for so much growth in many domains. almost forgot to mention how sick some of these slopers and slopey grips are! Lots of other boards are so crimp/pinch dominated. Well rounded!

  43. Sebastian Obbekær

    The board is amazing, climbed it when I was visiting family in the US. Really wish it was more popular in EU!

  44. Jin Jin Bradshaw

    10 out of 10 would recommend. I love this board, all of the holds are very nice and comfy. You can really tell how much attention to detail was put into designing this board. I also love the mirror layout design because you can train both sides of your body evenly without having to worry about one side getting significantly stronger than the other.

  45. Oli B

    TB2 gives me the finger adaptations I need, offering various gold types and material. I’m able to train for projects using similar movements. Range of problems on the app helps too 😉

  46. Tyler Heitmann

    Best holds, best lighting system, best movement, best board.

  47. Alec

    Literally the best board ever it’s sooo fun to climb on.

  48. Nick Viger

    Tension went above and beyond! This board is a dream come true!

  49. Kyle G

    TB2 is mega fun!

  50. Francisco Madeira

    I want a board so much and holds to customize my practise at home!

  51. Wallace McCarthy

    Love the tension board 2, my favorite board of them all!!

  52. James Holmes

    Huge improvement on the TB1, introduces a lot of new holds that allow great movement. The introduction of resin holds is nice as well. Haven’t had the chance to try the Mirror layout, but the Spray layout is great

  53. Nate Bussard

    Best board for small holds, comfy holds, hard training. Nails it 10/10 times.

  54. Darrell Setyadi

    Great upgrade from the TB1 and implements some sick new holds that still holds true to the concept of tension climbing.

  55. Ellis Rasmussen

    I absolutely LOVE the this board. The wooden and plastic hold combination are simply a blast to climb on!

  56. Joby O’Brien

    Definitely my favorite systems board. My gym uses the mirrored layout. They did a really good job of making a hybrid board where you can have a ton of fun while still get really good training in on it.

  57. david lobo

    i love the tb2 45 to 50 degrees my favorite so far

  58. José Joaquín

    I love the tension it’s the best board in the market

  59. Kevin Walter

    Tufas Boulder Lounge in Philly recently switched from the TB1 to the TB2 and I’m loving it! The thoughtful hold shaping has made for a really interesting and diverse climbing experience! Also your videos have been on point! Keep up the good work!

  60. Mathias Simmons

    I love the TB2. I get to climb on the 12×8 mirror at Crux Conditioning in Chattanooga. This board is a lot of fun to climb on and also incredible for training. There are so many hold and foot options on this thing that you can set just about everything you want. All of the hand holds I find to be really comfortable. Mirroring is great for training and identifying/working on imbalances. This will definitely be the board we get when we get a home wall.

  61. Kevin Walter

    My local gym Tufas if Philly recently switched over from the TB1 to the TB2 and I’m loving it! The thoughtfulness that is clear in the shaping of the TB2 holds makes for an incredibly fun and diverse climbing experience. Loving training on this board! Also your videos are fire! Keep up the good work!

  62. Max R

    I had to drive 3 hours to the east of germany to try this board, but god damn its much better than the full size kilterboard.
    I can’t wait to piss of my gym owner until he gets us one!

  63. Stefano

    without any doubt best bord on the market. With a huge variety of hold for every grade of difficulty. Thanks for your job

  64. Jacob

    I always have a blast climbing on my gyms TB2! In my opinion the best training board out there currently.

  65. Raymond Foo

    I feel this board is a good middle ground between Moon board and Kilter board. All the holds are thoughtfully thought out and looks sick!

  66. Soren Degeneffe

    Climbed on it at youth nationals and I absolutely loved it. Hopefully NC will get one soon!

  67. Ron Swanson

    Cozy holds to get strong. Big gains no pains.

  68. Lukas

    Best board on the market. I climbed on a 10×8 and it was one of my best board-climbing experiences.

  69. Dylan Gardner

    An absolutely amazing board. I use the TB2 and it is a game changer. Psyched every time I use it

  70. Tyler

    Super sick board, would be an excellent training tool at any gym!

  71. Finn Pacheco

    Best board on the market right now.

  72. abram goldstein

    better then the moon board tbh

  73. Michael

    I absolutely love this board! I drive a few hours every other month just to climb on it! I love the variety of holds and the mix of wood and plastic.

  74. Paul

    TB2 best board on the market!

  75. Danny L

    Love this board at my gym, it is where technicality and power meet beautifully in the middle. It has done wonders for my climbing. If you’re thinking about buying one, just do it!

  76. Corey Flynn

    goat board

  77. Sam Case

    wonderful board with great diversity of holds, fun, challenging and addicting.

  78. Alexander Evans

    The most unbelievable of boards. The board that the Board Lords of almost mythical legend are formed on. Here stands the most incredible tool that the modern climber has ever witnessed. And I will say that as soon I tried my luck at one of these bad boys, I knew that I would long for nothing else. Forget the rest. This is the best.

  79. Isaac

    I love the tb2 12×12 spray at my gym. I would love to see more problems marked as “classic” so finding good problems is easier.

  80. Luke Meyers

    I’ve began using it for training but the routes are so fun. I prefer it to other boards since I get to keep my finger skin:)

  81. Kaden Decker

    This board is an absolute game-changer. In the last 2 to 3 months of consistent use, it has undeniably elevated my climbing abilities to new heights. Not only does it provide an opportunity to tackle my weaknesses head-on, but it does so in an incredibly enjoyable manner. My psych is so high every session, knowing that every time I climb on it is a direct investment in enhancing my performance on my outdoor projects.

  82. Cameron F-S

    Great board for both training hard af like on the tb1 and getting some more relaxed reps in as well.

  83. Troy Z

    I love the TB pinches! The wood holds also feel amazing. I really enjoy the board sessions on the TB2 and I definitely get stronger when I am consistently on the board !

  84. Junrui

    Not to mention the combination of wood and plastic holds, the mirror layout is what separate it from rest of board market. By far my favorite training and entertaining board.

  85. Sam Faulkner

    Our gym getting a TB2 was one of the best things to happen in a long time. Training is fun again and the complexity of movements have helped me send harder and keep the stoke high.

  86. Ric Crow

    Best board

  87. Noah Durbin

    I tension board mirror layout is my favorite board I’ve climbed on. Haven’t tried the spray layout yet but based on the holds I’m sure it’s great!

  88. Jack


  89. Tyler

    Excellent! Loved tb1 got to try tb2 freaking excellent!

  90. Noah

    Getting on this board you will immediately recognize the thought and effort that went into crafting the holds. The usability of each hold on different angles and body positions is crazy. Best board out there.

  91. Alen macura

    Fun board

  92. Júnior

    The best videos are made with this board. I don’t have access to one, so this is my review.

  93. Jackson Houghtaling

    This board is unmatched. I had watched videos on it and seen all the stuff on it for a while but did not get to actually climb on it until recently and my god getting on it was one of the coolest things ever. It is the perfect board, taking everything I love about TB1 which I have at my home gym and making it even better. My favorite board by far that I’ve ever climbed on. I’ve climbed a good amount on kilter and TB1 and TB1 always was my top choice, but now having tried TB2 it is the best. While I have limited climbing on moon, I feel like TB2 just took the difficulty and like cool movement and hard climbing and more outdoorsy feel of a lot of moon problems, combined it with all the incredible aspects of TB1 already, made the holds more ergonomic and interesting, and created the greatest board ever. I cannot express how much I love it. I’ve been trying to convince my home gym’s manager to buy one since I first climbed on it. I also climbed on it the first time and then used it for training two weeks before and the week before USA regionals and ended up making it to divisionals which I am so psyched about. The best board with options for climbers of all levels to improve. Perfect for training a balance of power and technique. Cannot express my love for TB2 enough.

  94. Adam Gebben

    Best board. Ergonomic hands and difficult to use feet make progressing on this board less about big moves and more about hard moves. Only qualm is that my gym only has a 12×8.

  95. Vasishta Gonzalez

    The TB2 is fantastic. As a newer climber and even newer to board climbing, the TB2 has singlehandlely leveled up my climbing. Ever since my gym put on up, I have been slowly working my way through the classics. It helps so much with techniques and strength that help on commercial sets in a gym or on rock. Whether you are a v5 gym climber or a v12 outdoor boulderer, the TB2 is the perfect board for you.

  96. sebas

    My favorite board on the market !

  97. James Holmes

    Huge improvement on TB1. I’ve only tried out the spray layout, but I can only imagine the mirror is just as good. Holds are fantastic and allow for cool movement. If only my local gym had one 😉

  98. Bryan Tirone

    The Tension Board 2 is central to my training and has been a great tool for helping me get stronger both in the gym and on real rock.

  99. Bryan

    Just finished a TB2 session this morning and came home watching the new Board Lord new episode! Fantastic board, since first time I climbed on it, the board session became the most valued session of the week. The holds are very versatile and more friendly to my skin compared to other boards, and it really trains how to keep TENSION. Keep crushing dudes.

  100. Scott

    Great! Love it!

  101. Nolan

    Board made me go from little man to big strong crusher. I rate it a v5. Hopefully I can rate it v6 soon.

  102. Charles Perron

    Amazing Board!

  103. Tom Shpakow

    We love our TB2 at Apex Climbing Gym in northern Indiana. We have the mirrored setup and our members and customers can’t get enough of it. We have people who drive from hours away just to climb on it. Definitely the best board out there!

  104. Sam Watson

    I’ve spent many hours on the TB1 and loved it. Somehow, TB2 is an immense improvement.
    The board’s larger size and diversity of holds results in a wider variety of moves and grip positions. This creates in an extremely well-rounded training tool that, unlike other boards, stays engaging through the seasons!

  105. Devon Whelpley

    My favorite board on the market by far. Hold selection and movement are both so good.

  106. Quan

    We went to Seattle Bouldering Project just to try out the TB2 all the way from the Bay Area in California. Out of all the gyms in Seattle we wanted to go to the gym with the TB2 as we were so psyched ever since it came out and have been wanting to get on it ever since. Luckily, we were able to get on it and try it out and we are so in love. The holds have so much variety and nuance that it kinda feels like you’re meeting a new friend everytime you put on a different climb with different holds. It varies from the TB1 in that sense with the hold choice, however we still love the TB1 back in the Bay and use it quite often. We are actually trying to push for a TB2 for one of the local gyms nearby, but might have to open up our own gym for that to happen. Regardless, I lacked the ability to find lots of stoke as well as train quite hard on a standardized board, until the TB2.

  107. Lauren Phillips

    The Tension Board 2 is an amazing training tool that is great for climbers for want to get stronger outside.

  108. Bryan Tirone

    Best training board available. Great hold set and versatility to the climbs. Highly recommend.

  109. Bryan Tirone

    Amazing board. Great good versatility and set climbs.

  110. mcall (verified owner)

    Best board I’ve been on compared to moon or kilter. I got the 10×8 to put inside my house. Really, you can trim some of the excess and it’s closer to 10×7 if you’re really constrained on space and on the fence about it.

    You can set pretty much any type of problem on this thing. I feel stronger already after only a few sessions.


  111. Kristian White

    Loved the Tension Board 1 and it has just gotten better with the TB2. I love the hold diversity which makes it really stand out among the more popular boards at the moment. A great training tool for indoor or outdoor climbing. A solid choice if you’re looking to up your game.

  112. eli

    great stuff

  113. Jonathan

    This board fucks

  114. Earliest

    I really like the mixture between wooden holds and plastic. I really hope that any gym near me will buy one!

  115. Johnny

    Far and away my favorite board. enough variety of hold type and difficulty. also a huge bonus that they work well at many different angles. love the combo of wood and plastic for those days with bad skin.

  116. Jake Jackson

    Simply the best board on the market right now. The complexity are variety of the holds is insane, allowing for a wonderful setting and climbing experience. This is THE board and I think will be for quite a few years to come.

  117. Krystal Gomez

    This is one of the best boards out there! TB2 has unlimited problems and the holds feel really comfortable.

  118. henry weigel

    Love this board feels like a good middle ground between the moon and the kilter, seemingly making it the best board for training.

  119. Alexander Schwartz

    So fun to climb but also very difficult!

  120. Erik Laracuente

    I finally got the chance to climb on this board and it blew me away. I’ve always been a huge fan of the first board and to be honest I wasn’t sure how I felt about a wood board having plastic holds on it. After seeing it online, I kinda started being OK with it. nothing compares to actually trying it out and boy was it amazing. I love how unique and ergonomic all the holes are but especially the plastic holds. One more thing I would like to add, the fact that you can make this into a system board or a spray walk is absolutely credible. Having the option of setting it the way it’s going to best benefit your progress is such a great option

  121. Luis Terken

    I’m gonna be honest…. I really would like to leave a review but… I never had the chance to climb on it in Belgium we don’t have… BUT it looks so amazing the diversity of the hold, the shapes, the setting, everything looks good on it. Anyway I try to participate because why not and if it’s the only way that I have to try let’s go 😂

  122. Henry Howe

    This board single-handedly made my fingers strong

  123. Nick Stone

    I absolutely love the tension board 2. I have only used the spray setup, but the combination of wood and other holds as well as the variety in hold type and footholds is amazing. It is truly a great tool for training, and so fun!

  124. Antoine Boulanger

    Tension board got evn better with this the second one. Sure is a fine tool to try your hardest!

  125. Ben Collinson

    Wish I could climb on this board. looks absolutely insane and loads of fun.

  126. Trevante

    TB2 is without a doubt my favorite board. The hold selection is so diverse that TB2 can be utilized for all aspects of training, try hard sessions, recovery and warm up. The mirror design is fundamental allowing you to train specific moves exactly the same on both left and right side of the body. Thanks to the TB2 I have been able to push my overall climbing to a new level.

  127. Will Howell

    Gotta be the best board on the market, just gotta be. Need this in my garage…

  128. JP Peterson

    This board is so fun! It has amazing hold diversity, which allows you to set and climb any move you can possibly want.

  129. Talus Harris

    Super dope board, great for getting stronger.

  130. Adam Billings

    TB2 is an absolute blast. Ive climbed on TB2, TB1 and Kilter and I preferer this one. TB1 feels a bit tweaky on my fingers, where as the TB2 with both wood and plastic holds is a little less aggressive. I also like to set routes a lot, and you can be just so creative on TB2 when doing so. For sure worth it to climb on if your gym has one of these. Or, if you want to have a BA home wall…..this is it.

  131. Hafu

    My home gym recently put up a 12×8 TB2 (wood x resin holds | Spray format). With it being the only one in the province at the moment, I am so lucky to have the pleasure of climbing on this beast. Such a fun variety of holds that all seem to be ergonomic no matter the orientation you grab them. The insane variety in general climbing in addition to targeted-training make this wall the best one on the market (imo).

    P.S Thank you for imbedding the lights within the holds! Now I don’t have to ask my friends which foot to step on next when I’m trembling 1 move away from the top

  132. Dan

    Really great hold variety, in both shape and textures. Light up system and big database makes for easy quick sessions if needed, and word class problems for projecting

  133. Marcus Lund


  134. Lang Daly

    Have been coming back to this board every session for the last month. The wood + plastic is really nice and it feels like there’s more variety to be set compared to previous/other boards. Completely addicting and fantastic training for strength/outdoors!

  135. Bryan Tirone

    AMAZING. Best circuit board by FAR. Great Holds, sets, and texture to all the holds. THE TOYOTA STANDARD OF BOARDS

  136. George

    Although nothing is perfect, she comes close.

  137. Riley Wood

    Absolutely loving the Tension Board 2! The improvements are evident, and the versatility it offers for training various climbing grips and techniques is outstanding. The user-friendly interface and sleek design make each session enjoyable. Kudos to the developers for creating a top-notch tool that enhances my climbing experience and helps me push my limits. Highly recommend it to fellow climbers!

  138. Riley Wood

    First tried the TB2 at the Spot in Denver and oh boy was I pleasantly surprised. Best training for rock climbing other than rock climbing itself. There’s a reason wood holds are superior, thanks Tension!

  139. Nate Drolet

    The 12×12 mirror board has changed my opinion on what a board is capable of. Hands-down the best board on the market for carryover to outdoor climbing. I didn’t think it was possible to have a broad variety of hold types and difficulty ranges while still being an effective training tool, but the TB2 did just that.

  140. Matija Ozebek

    Amazing board, the best on the market!

  141. Lane

    This board is insane, the diversity of holds really makes for a much more enjoyable experience.

  142. Eric

    Love this board. If I could only climb on one board this would be it. I am looking forward to when more users get in and upload more climbs. That being said the data base today is already stacked.

    Great mixture of holds and well placed grip positions. A lot of the holds can be grabbed in multiple ways which really increases the thoughtful climbs that it can offer. I would give it 6/5 if I could.

  143. Will

    It feels silly to add another 5 star review to this list, but this thing is the 2016 Moonboard of boards. Something as simple as adding no texture to some aspects of the plastic holds (as well as the gobs of intentionality that went into the placement and shapes and everything else) adds layers of complexity to how you grab and move through these holds. This board is more than the sum of its parts. Now, I just have to sell everything I own, so I can get one. Seriously, Tension’s thoughtfulness and care truly transcended the genre. TB2 is king.

  144. Anthony

    such a dream board <3

  145. David

    My gym has the spray layout and the one time no one else was on the board, I decided to try it with one of my friends. I was instantly hooked; the number and variety of holds led to some really cool problems for us to try. Would climb again

  146. Sam Yau

    It really is simple – if you toss around on Moon Board a lot, you’ll get better at Moon Board. If you jump around on Kilter Board a lot, you’ll get better at Kilter. But if you keep at it with the Tension Board 2, you might just wind up becoming a really good CLIMBER, on all system walls, indoors, and outdoors. All while having probably the best time of your life. Tension has managed to create real magic!

  147. Justin Chen

    Very fun board! Not as achey on the hands as moonboard and more complex than kilter. Nice sweet spot

  148. Juan Guerrero

    Easily the best board on the market! Great hold variety and a good mix of technical and strength training opportunities while still being super fun!

  149. Alejandro

    TB2 is a huge update from the first board. Upgrade in every way!

  150. Stefano

    Instant favorite system board (tried 2017 & 2019 moonboard, kilter, kilter homewall, TB1) I like the hold variety and that theres also decent variation in the hold orientation too, so not just downpulling, vertical sidepulls, etc. The climbs I got on had subtle body positioning. Fun!

  151. Rugile

    Diverse holds and a funky layout make for great moves

  152. Klay York

    Really love the board.

  153. Klay York

    Love this board so much. Has been helping with my training goals a lot and the edges are so nice. Really good training for finger strength as well as pinch power and contact strength.

  154. Russell C

    Truly a board of all time. But honestly, a great variety of holds and a great community to support it.

  155. Sergi Aladid

    I climb on the Tension Board 2 12×12 mirror layout, and it has become a regular in my climbing days. The mirrored grid allows me to training movements on both my strong and weak side which I’ve noticed and improvement on.
    Compared to its rivals, I really like its extensive range of wood and plastic holds. The thoughtful placement allows for diverse and engaging problem-solving, keeping each session fresh and challenging. Craftsmanship is top-notch, ensuring durability and authenticity in every grip.

  156. Isaiah

    While Tension Board One holds sentimental value, the Tension Board Two takes climbing to the next level. The upgraded hold design is a game-changer – it’s not just comfortable, it’s a whole new level of ergonomic brilliance. And let’s talk about route-making – the possibilities are seriously mind-blowing. Tension Board Two is like the evolved, cooler sibling; it doesn’t just keep up; it sets the bar higher

  157. Falk

    Good variety of holds

  158. Aram Nercessian

    This board is so badass. No kicker is genius, slopey pinches are crafted by the maker himself. Movement variety is simply unmatched.

  159. mikkel normann

    proper good board, the duel tex holds offers for som cool forced sequences and moves, and the wodden holds are top quality as always!

  160. Issac

    Absolute favorite system board! Feels the most transferrable to climbing outside of any of the board I’ve climbed on. Great variety of holds and I love the movements/positions the board lends itself to. Super stoked my local gym invested💪🏽

  161. Morgan De Vera

    So many pluses to the TB2, ergonomic hold lay out and texture, wide range of grip type. Unique to other boards in the varying styles of climbs that can be set. Very very fun to climb and set on. As well the growing community behind the board makes for an exciting environment when discussing and sessioning the board. I wanna be Zach Galla so bad. Hold smasher life

  162. Christopher Bodin

    Best board hands down, such a great hold diversity that allows for such unique and flowy climbs while also being a great tool for training power and finger strength. TB2 is a must for a climbing gym to have.

  163. Eli F

    This board is a straight up banger – best hold diversity and set ive ever climbed on a training board. Mirrors outdoor climbing the best out of any board ive tried as well. Just an overall great experience.

  164. Dylan G

    This is an amazing board. I have climbed on both the spray and mirror at my local gym. 10/10 would recommend. Even as a larger and relatively weak climber(6’2″ – 240lbs – v5) there are still plenty of climbs for me to choose from and to train on. I always feel like I’m getting better and never get board. Awesome product.

  165. Justin

    This thing is the bees knees when it comes to boards. I love the design, texture of the holds, and app that shares boulder problems.

  166. Kai


  167. Reuben Wiering

    Great hold diversity!

  168. Christian Gleason

    Really enjoy this board. I think does a really good job of being a great training tool for finger strength and movement without being overly intense or agressive in hold selection. The foot selection and thoughtfulness of hold choice are also great. The best way to get strong for outdoor climbing in my opinion.

  169. Ian Dillard

    I was able to climb on a TB2 mirror layout in St. Petersburg and was blown away by it. So much fun. So much diversity in the holds. Holds are challenging but still comfy. All around good time….it also just looks awesome.

  170. Parker Ramthun

    This is by far the best training board out there with the most diverse types of holds and Ofcourse makes you feel like you’re in a tension video 💪😂. I train on it at my local bouldering project, but owning one would certainly be a dream come true. Worth the money if you can buy it and put it together!

    Love tension and all the products it has to offer and this board will transform your climbing tenfold as well as get you ready for those hard outdoor sessions!

  171. Logan Pruess

    Climbed on the 12×8 mirror layout it is awesome. You can work all sorts of different grips at both projecting level and doing power endurance work outs. Of course the mirror lay out is clutch coming from a throwing sport background where one of my shoulders is way stronger than the other.

  172. Sho Higuchi

    TB2 is like Kilterboard and TB1 had a baby, and Ben Moon is the godfather.

  173. David

    Best board by far. The holds are so good! Just fondling them gets me psyched to pull on. It’s nice to have a board that you can climb everything from warm ups to projects on in many styles. Doesn’t have the idiosyncrasies or discomfort of other boards and just looks so damn sexy. Both layouts are sick and all sizes work well.

  174. Zach Woosley

    By far the best board out there! Hold diversity is amazing, the Bluetooth connection/app are really smooth, and the adjustability all combine to make it a very enjoyable experience. I’ve pretty much neglected commercial climbs since my gym installed this board

  175. Zane Dordai

    This is my favorite board to train on by a very long margin; as others have already said, the hold variety, layout options, and general quality of the board are far above all others I have tried.

  176. James Dazhong Cook

    Simply an amazing training board! Great hold variety with many high engagement holds and precise feet create some of the most unique movement on a board, while also keeping it fun!

  177. Tom P

    Got the chance to try the TB2 at a gym I stopped in on vacation. I like board climbing and have tried pretty much every systems board, and the TB2 is the best I’ve been on hands down. Even at lower grades, the movement is complex and interesting. The hold variety and setting of the board is perfect, and the fact that there are bad feet helps it feel more similar to outdoor climbing. Really hoping that one of these gets put up close to me so I can have regular access. Felt like if I could only climb on the TB2 and outside, that would be all I would need!

  178. Charles Garcia III

    Best board on the market. Paired with a Kumiki adjustable wall, you’ll never need another board. Especially being able to switch between spray and mirror layouts. Just installed at Blue Swan Boulders and think it has put the routesetters out of a job. Amazing tool for all training needs, and as others have mentioned, FUN.

  179. Matt l

    I’m really happy I decided to go with this over some of the other boards on the market for my home wall. Considering the variety of holds, density and different size/layout options, this board is absolutely worth it. You can tell a lot of effort and time was put into designing everything as all the holds are beautifully crafted and feel great while climbing. The variety of problems you get with a mix of technical and powerful climbing makes this the best training board on the market right now.

  180. David Cubler

    The TB2 is a magnificent innovation in the board climbing experience. You can tell Tension put a lot of thought into how to improve board climbing.
    I find the new hold set and layout provides more of a three dimensional feel than other boards. The more ergonomic holds are plenty hard while still being comfortable enough to pull hard for a whole sesh! I don’t know how they did it but the TB2 is both beautifully technical and brutally strong. And the new friction-y plastic creates a nice mix, fully rounding out the board.
    To me it’s more than just a training tool, it’s also just a fun climbing experience. I can’t wait for my local gym to get one!

  181. Brian Squire

    Feels like I’m climbing on the green 45 and that is fun for me. Thanks y’all for this

  182. Riley Varner

    The best of everything, combined.

    Holds are diverse enough in size and shape to be rewarding for all climbers at every angle. The combination of wood and plastic holds make the climbing experience engaging and each boulder can be molded into everything you’d ever want.

    The team obviously put a ton of work into innovating and creating something even better than the Mark 1. Can’t believe that 500+ boulders came with the board as soon as it dropped!

    I ❤️ this thing, and can’t wait till it is in many more gyms! Anyone that gets in early on this thing is gonna reap the benefits… I’d easily pay a day pass to a gym to get on the TB2.

    That being said… @movementboulder PLEASE DAWG. WE NEED IT.

  183. Ryan Flynn

    Setup: Homewall, 12×8 Mirror, 40 Degrees.
    I mostly board climb for training, and the TB1 was my favorite training board, but not my favorite to climb on. However the new TB2 is absolutely above and beyond the other options, and is now my favorite climbing board for anything. Tension has improved in every aspect from their original trademark to ensure the 2.0 board covers all training needs.

    The wooden holds are more ergonomically friendly, and you have the option to go full crimp training while also having larger hold options for power focused problems. The plastic holds are diverse and span so many unique features and hold types (crimps, jugs, full slopers, pinches… everything in between), not to mention they are more humidity resistant which is a huge benefit in the garage. The lack of kickboard makes the board more standardized for all walls (my kicker was previously too short and felt all TB1 starts were scrunchy). Finally, the option to switch between a Mirror and Spray layout ensures you have two entire problem libraries to rotate periodically between, keeping problems fresh and fun.

    Tension truly thought of it all for this board, and im happy to make it my center piece of climbing training.

  184. Gabe Olson

    Incredible board! I’ve climbed extensively on almost very board on the market and TB2 is simply the best of them all in my opinion. From layout options and LEDs, to hold selection and comfort, I’ve been so impressed with the TB2. I coach full time and have clients ranging from very elite to beginners just learning their fundamentals. But I can comfortably use the TB2 as a tool to fit each persons current needs. The people at Tension make quality products and the new TB2 highlights that very well!

  185. Hannah Smith

    I wish my gym had a TB2! This is the first board I have spent an entire session on. Other boards are fun but have less hold and movement diversity, so climbing on them can get a little repetitive after a while. With a mixture of wood and plastic, crimps and slopers, and big dynamic and tedious technical moves, the TB2 keeps you gripped

  186. Lynnea Bolin

    Easily the best board I’ve ever climbed on! It’s by far the most adaptable for a range of training goals, and the possibilities seem endless. As someone who has always loved the wood tension holds, the new textured holds only add more versatility and nuance – they don’t take anything away from what made the OG Tension board so awesome/cutting edge. I’m hoping to see more TB2’s at gyms soon, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes a deciding factor for where I climb!

  187. Ben hanna

    This is the next evolution to not only board climbing but training. Tension has really out done them selfs with this wall and I truly believe this is what board training has been missing. 11/10

  188. Denver Heinz

    Do you get bored with training? Does climbing on systems boards feel unpleasant or boring to you? Look no further, because this board will change your perspective on everything. The folks over at Tension have created by far the best training board. The best for fun board. The best board, Period. The plastic grips are interesting, specific, and ergonomic, and remind me of the unique shapes of the late 90’s and 2000’s. The wood grips have the basic simplicity and comfort that many of us search for in effective training tools. Combined, these make the most interesting and entertaining board climbing experiences you can find. And the best part for gyms and home wall heroes alike, the grips cater to ALL climbers. Whether you climb V1 or V15, this is the premier tool to have at your fingertips. Hats off to the Tension team, you tricked me into liking training!

  189. Zoe Beau

    Changes. The. Game.

    There was a lot of thought, science, and passion put into this board and it shows. This board beats every other one out there on the market right now thanks to the hold versatility, plastic/wood quality and intelligent layout. The shape of each hold has been engineered to give climbers a diverse but safe experience that most resembles rock when compared to other boards on the market. TB2 is absolutely my training board of choice.

  190. Maya Madere

    My favorite board by far. The versatility of the set is amazing and the holds are ergonomic and impressively varied. It’s a really effective training tool for climbers of any level, but is also fun and flowy! Unlike most boards, it’s designed with “real” climbing — including heel hooks, toe hooks, matching, etc — in mind. Plus, the holds can be applied to almost any style. The possibilities are endless.

  191. Chase Martinez

    Finally a board that has ergonomic holds that are not hard on the fingers or skin. I feel like I can climb on this board for hours and not have to worry about weird tweaky holds or my skin running out. The holds are also a great variety and have to most similarity to outdoor holds and aren’t just different sized jugs or crimps. The variety of pinches, crimps, jugs, and bad feet make training on this board extremely beneficial and fun!

  192. Timothy Daniels

    The TB2 is by far the most versatile tool for training on the market. As someone who is quite partial to board climbing as a means for improvement, I am aware that board climbing can be a bit uncomfortable at times. This just isn’t the case with the TB2. Even the small holds are comfortable, especially on the steeper angles. Speaking of the grips, the new plastic shapes are some of the most unique, practical, and expertly crafted holds out there. I am a part-time route setter and I am accustomed to utilizing many different hold sets from some of the top hold shaping companies…but these TB2 dual-tex grips are truly next level. Definitely the most fun I’ve had building and climbing boulders for training.

  193. Anna Joseph

    This board is the best board I’ve climbed on. A great variety of holds and possibility for lots of different types of movement, and I feel like I can train on it and not get injured. This board really also allows you to train for climbing outside, which I think can be harder to find on other boards. I feel like even if I only have the 12×12 tension board (no gym, no other boards) I would have pretty much all of my training needs met. I am hoping some local gyms get it soon, it would be a great addition.

  194. Claire Gordon

    TB2 has the best variety of any board out there. I get to train my weaknesses but also climb boulders that are my style and just fun. It’s great to not have to sacrifice one for the other.
    Huge bonus of the TB2 is that it doesn’t hurt my skin as much as most other boards.

  195. Rowland Chen

    The TB2 is the best board out there! The range of holds and movement styles you get is leaps and bounds ahead of any other board out there. You can easily set and find training climbs that are FUN, technical climbs that demand perfection, and boulders that simulate outdoor climbing. Unbelievably good job by the team.

  196. Nick Bradley

    As someone whose training primarily revolves around board climbing, I’ve always found the previous options to be lacking. To put it simply – I could either have fun or train, but never both. Additionally, the training I could do was too narrowed down to a specific style.

    In my eyes, Tension is one of the few climbing brands that represent core climbing, so it isn’t surprising that they deeply understood this dilemma. The TB2 is fun to climb on, doesn’t thrash your skin, and offers the most wide variety of styles out of all the boards currently on the market. For effective, fun, and versatile training, there is no comparison.

  197. Mark Podrabinnik

    Quantum leaps ahead of any other board on the market. The TB2 doesn’t just make you a stronger climber, but a better climber. The variety in hold types, for both hands and feet, allow access for all level of climbers. Along with the variety in hold types, the TB2 allows you to climb how you wanna climb. Whether it be basic crimp trainers or gymnastic style moves, the movement possibilities on the TB2 are endless and FUN!

  198. Nick Pellegrino

    One week with the mirrored TB2 in the books and every session leaves you psyched for the next.
    So far I’m impressed with the versatility designed into many of holds allowing for completely different uses and movement styles on the same holds, improved LED visibility when above or below the hold with the integrated light pipes, and the improved ergonomic hold design which allows for longer and higher intensity sessions. The introduction of the resin holds also brings some unique aspects to board climbing (full on open hand slopers, more surface area/angles to work heel/toe hooks, dual tex) truly making the TB2 a one stop shop for all training needs.

  199. Luke Skinner

    The new Tension board outshines all other boards currently on the market for several reasons. It’s a useful training tool from vertical angles all the way down to extremely steep overhangs due to the well-balanced diversity of grips offered on the board. The wood holds have comfortable radii and are gentle on your fingers when your skin gets thin but you still want to climb. There are lots of small, directional footholds that help climbers build good body tension and technique, even in the beginner and moderate grade range. You can find everything from tic-tac crimp ladders to gymnastic boulders with enormous moves. Too many training boards are one-trick-ponies, but this board strikes a balance between many styles without compromising on any of them. If you have the means, I’d highly recommend the 12×12 symmetrical setup with a wall that can be adjusted from 0-50 degrees (preferably all the way to 70 degrees). I’ve shied away from other training boards because they either mangle my skin, get extremely morpho at my personal limit, or don’t offer the grip variety that I need for my training purposes. The TB2.0 is my go-to training tool for bouldering now. It’s been a hit with our core board climbing community here in Dallas.

  200. Vertical Ventures

    The addition of the TB2 at Vertical Ventures has been received amazingly by our members and visitors! Our adjustable wall has never been so popular and well-used. With so many climbs to choose from, not to mention the user-friendliness of setting routes via the app – climbers of any experience level have been all over it. And of course, the sleek design and combination of plastic and wood with the LEDs has also added an aesthetic touch to our training room. It has been an awesome upgrade for our climbers here!

    The selection of plastic and wood holds are by far the most comfortable and functional

  201. Jesse Grupper

    The Tension Board 2 lives up to all of the hype! Many boards out there have a specific style of climbing that is prioritized or focused on. The TB2 has it all. From competition style moves, to crimp lines that feel like you’re climbing outside – the variety of styles available makes it one of the most comprehensive and engaging boards I’ve ever gotten to play on! Its wide hold variety also makes it accessible to all ability levels. I’m super excited to get to continue to play on it!

  202. Alison Spatz

    This board is SO much fun! I seriously love this thing. I have ended up with a list of TB2 projects that I’m excited to come back to week after week. I had never really been excited about board climbing in the past, but the TB2 has changed that for me. I give this board 11 out of 10 stars!

  203. Maroun Aboutayeh

    Hands down the best system board I’ve ever climbed on. Its variety of holds both shape and material is unmatched. You can stick to the plastic. You can have a mixture of wood and plastic. You could have only wood routes. There are pinches, heel hooks, toe hooks, smears, and chips. Compare that to the competition and you find that really this is in a league of its own.

    Whether you’re a v10+ climber or a V1 climber you’ll have fun things to play with on the board. My friend and I are both roughly V6 climbers and have yet to exhaust the list of routes and climbs for each angle.

    With an adjustable wall there’s so much at your fingertips. Every day dozens of routes go up and they’re so interesting. My current favorite route incorporates cutting feet to a heel hook on the other side of the board. It’s very spicy at steeper angles but doable when it’s more vertical. I’ve yet to climb a system board that has that sort of dynamism in its climbing.

    I can go on forever honestly. All said, if you’re in the market for a systems board this is the one to get.

  204. Alex Brooks

    Working in the climbing industry, I thought there was one truth; creating a product that meets the needs of all user groups is truly a Sisyphean task. Well, my friends, the Tension Team, with the TB2, have bested the gods. Warm-up, get in a volume session, get in a limit session, run circuits to prep for your rope project, climb in your style, climb outside of your style, crimp slope or pinch your way through boulders from V0 to V-who knows how hard, on these boards you can do it all.

    The board layouts are intuitive, and the hold selection and variety create the space for boulders ranging from simple crimp lines, to complex flippy, pressy, jumpy, foot stabby shenanigans. The LED kit and the light pipes make finding holds on the ground and on the wall quick and easy. Pair it with an adjustable wall and this board becomes the most compact, effective, well rounded training board around.

    This board sets the standard against which all boards are measured in my opinion.

  205. Minko Nikolov

    The best board on the market! From a fun session to a dedicated training this board has it all. TB2 is the only board that incorporates all needs a climber has from all possible climbing levels. Simply limitless possibilities. Having spend 22 years climbing I am glad to experience such an invention. Thank you Tension team!

  206. Max Francois

    This is an absolutely amazing board. The hold variety combined with placement really can’t be overstated as it gives me access to so many different movement styles. It’s my current go to training tool and climbing on it is just pure fun.

  207. Zach Galla

    I’ve spent a lot of time training on standardized boards and I often find myself having to climb on different walls to target different skills. The TB2 is the first board where I truly feel like every style of climbing is represented in one place. Open hand power, close handed crimping, it’s got it all 🙌

  208. Kerry Scott

    By far the best board on the market. You can tell that a lot of thought and effort when into this. There’s a huge variety of hold types and the dual texture (plastic and wood) is a great mix. It feels like the perfect combination of strength AND technical training. Not to mention it’s also super fun 🙂

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