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The Next Evolution – Years in the Making

The Tension Board 2 was developed from the ground up to be the singular most effective systemized training board. Built on a foundation of versatility – we combined the symmetrical DNA of the TB1 with the functionality of a traditional spray wall, resulting in the optimal climbing and training experience.

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19 reviews for Tension Board 2

  1. Kerry Scott

    By far the best board on the market. You can tell that a lot of thought and effort when into this. There’s a huge variety of hold types and the dual texture (plastic and wood) is a great mix. It feels like the perfect combination of strength AND technical training. Not to mention it’s also super fun 🙂

  2. Zach Galla

    I’ve spent a lot of time training on standardized boards and I often find myself having to climb on different walls to target different skills. The TB2 is the first board where I truly feel like every style of climbing is represented in one place. Open hand power, close handed crimping, it’s got it all 🙌

  3. Max Francois

    This is an absolutely amazing board. The hold variety combined with placement really can’t be overstated as it gives me access to so many different movement styles. It’s my current go to training tool and climbing on it is just pure fun.

  4. Minko Nikolov

    The best board on the market! From a fun session to a dedicated training this board has it all. TB2 is the only board that incorporates all needs a climber has from all possible climbing levels. Simply limitless possibilities. Having spend 22 years climbing I am glad to experience such an invention. Thank you Tension team!

  5. Alex Brooks

    Working in the climbing industry, I thought there was one truth; creating a product that meets the needs of all user groups is truly a Sisyphean task. Well, my friends, the Tension Team, with the TB2, have bested the gods. Warm-up, get in a volume session, get in a limit session, run circuits to prep for your rope project, climb in your style, climb outside of your style, crimp slope or pinch your way through boulders from V0 to V-who knows how hard, on these boards you can do it all.

    The board layouts are intuitive, and the hold selection and variety create the space for boulders ranging from simple crimp lines, to complex flippy, pressy, jumpy, foot stabby shenanigans. The LED kit and the light pipes make finding holds on the ground and on the wall quick and easy. Pair it with an adjustable wall and this board becomes the most compact, effective, well rounded training board around.

    This board sets the standard against which all boards are measured in my opinion.

  6. Maroun Aboutayeh

    Hands down the best system board I’ve ever climbed on. Its variety of holds both shape and material is unmatched. You can stick to the plastic. You can have a mixture of wood and plastic. You could have only wood routes. There are pinches, heel hooks, toe hooks, smears, and chips. Compare that to the competition and you find that really this is in a league of its own.

    Whether you’re a v10+ climber or a V1 climber you’ll have fun things to play with on the board. My friend and I are both roughly V6 climbers and have yet to exhaust the list of routes and climbs for each angle.

    With an adjustable wall there’s so much at your fingertips. Every day dozens of routes go up and they’re so interesting. My current favorite route incorporates cutting feet to a heel hook on the other side of the board. It’s very spicy at steeper angles but doable when it’s more vertical. I’ve yet to climb a system board that has that sort of dynamism in its climbing.

    I can go on forever honestly. All said, if you’re in the market for a systems board this is the one to get.

  7. Alison Spatz

    This board is SO much fun! I seriously love this thing. I have ended up with a list of TB2 projects that I’m excited to come back to week after week. I had never really been excited about board climbing in the past, but the TB2 has changed that for me. I give this board 11 out of 10 stars!

  8. Jesse Grupper

    The Tension Board 2 lives up to all of the hype! Many boards out there have a specific style of climbing that is prioritized or focused on. The TB2 has it all. From competition style moves, to crimp lines that feel like you’re climbing outside – the variety of styles available makes it one of the most comprehensive and engaging boards I’ve ever gotten to play on! Its wide hold variety also makes it accessible to all ability levels. I’m super excited to get to continue to play on it!

  9. Vertical Ventures

    The addition of the TB2 at Vertical Ventures has been received amazingly by our members and visitors! Our adjustable wall has never been so popular and well-used. With so many climbs to choose from, not to mention the user-friendliness of setting routes via the app – climbers of any experience level have been all over it. And of course, the sleek design and combination of plastic and wood with the LEDs has also added an aesthetic touch to our training room. It has been an awesome upgrade for our climbers here!

    The selection of plastic and wood holds are by far the most comfortable and functional

  10. Luke Skinner

    The new Tension board outshines all other boards currently on the market for several reasons. It’s a useful training tool from vertical angles all the way down to extremely steep overhangs due to the well-balanced diversity of grips offered on the board. The wood holds have comfortable radii and are gentle on your fingers when your skin gets thin but you still want to climb. There are lots of small, directional footholds that help climbers build good body tension and technique, even in the beginner and moderate grade range. You can find everything from tic-tac crimp ladders to gymnastic boulders with enormous moves. Too many training boards are one-trick-ponies, but this board strikes a balance between many styles without compromising on any of them. If you have the means, I’d highly recommend the 12×12 symmetrical setup with a wall that can be adjusted from 0-50 degrees (preferably all the way to 70 degrees). I’ve shied away from other training boards because they either mangle my skin, get extremely morpho at my personal limit, or don’t offer the grip variety that I need for my training purposes. The TB2.0 is my go-to training tool for bouldering now. It’s been a hit with our core board climbing community here in Dallas.

  11. Nick Pellegrino

    One week with the mirrored TB2 in the books and every session leaves you psyched for the next.
    So far I’m impressed with the versatility designed into many of holds allowing for completely different uses and movement styles on the same holds, improved LED visibility when above or below the hold with the integrated light pipes, and the improved ergonomic hold design which allows for longer and higher intensity sessions. The introduction of the resin holds also brings some unique aspects to board climbing (full on open hand slopers, more surface area/angles to work heel/toe hooks, dual tex) truly making the TB2 a one stop shop for all training needs.

  12. Mark Podrabinnik

    Quantum leaps ahead of any other board on the market. The TB2 doesn’t just make you a stronger climber, but a better climber. The variety in hold types, for both hands and feet, allow access for all level of climbers. Along with the variety in hold types, the TB2 allows you to climb how you wanna climb. Whether it be basic crimp trainers or gymnastic style moves, the movement possibilities on the TB2 are endless and FUN!

  13. Nick Bradley

    As someone whose training primarily revolves around board climbing, I’ve always found the previous options to be lacking. To put it simply – I could either have fun or train, but never both. Additionally, the training I could do was too narrowed down to a specific style.

    In my eyes, Tension is one of the few climbing brands that represent core climbing, so it isn’t surprising that they deeply understood this dilemma. The TB2 is fun to climb on, doesn’t thrash your skin, and offers the most wide variety of styles out of all the boards currently on the market. For effective, fun, and versatile training, there is no comparison.

  14. Rowland Chen

    The TB2 is the best board out there! The range of holds and movement styles you get is leaps and bounds ahead of any other board out there. You can easily set and find training climbs that are FUN, technical climbs that demand perfection, and boulders that simulate outdoor climbing. Unbelievably good job by the team.

  15. Claire Gordon

    TB2 has the best variety of any board out there. I get to train my weaknesses but also climb boulders that are my style and just fun. It’s great to not have to sacrifice one for the other.
    Huge bonus of the TB2 is that it doesn’t hurt my skin as much as most other boards.

  16. Anna Joseph

    This board is the best board I’ve climbed on. A great variety of holds and possibility for lots of different types of movement, and I feel like I can train on it and not get injured. This board really also allows you to train for climbing outside, which I think can be harder to find on other boards. I feel like even if I only have the 12×12 tension board (no gym, no other boards) I would have pretty much all of my training needs met. I am hoping some local gyms get it soon, it would be a great addition.

  17. Timothy Daniels

    The TB2 is by far the most versatile tool for training on the market. As someone who is quite partial to board climbing as a means for improvement, I am aware that board climbing can be a bit uncomfortable at times. This just isn’t the case with the TB2. Even the small holds are comfortable, especially on the steeper angles. Speaking of the grips, the new plastic shapes are some of the most unique, practical, and expertly crafted holds out there. I am a part-time route setter and I am accustomed to utilizing many different hold sets from some of the top hold shaping companies…but these TB2 dual-tex grips are truly next level. Definitely the most fun I’ve had building and climbing boulders for training.

  18. Chase Martinez

    Finally a board that has ergonomic holds that are not hard on the fingers or skin. I feel like I can climb on this board for hours and not have to worry about weird tweaky holds or my skin running out. The holds are also a great variety and have to most similarity to outdoor holds and aren’t just different sized jugs or crimps. The variety of pinches, crimps, jugs, and bad feet make training on this board extremely beneficial and fun!

  19. Maya Madere

    My favorite board by far. The versatility of the set is amazing and the holds are ergonomic and impressively varied. It’s a really effective training tool for climbers of any level, but is also fun and flowy! Unlike most boards, it’s designed with “real” climbing — including heel hooks, toe hooks, matching, etc — in mind. Plus, the holds can be applied to almost any style. The possibilities are endless.

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