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The Whetstone was designed to be an ideal first hangboard for climbers beginning their training journey.  We have included a series of elements that we’ve found consistently valuable for both new and seasoned climbers.

The top jug on the Whetstone is something new. The edge profile was designed to promote a more “active” grip and reduce “over-wrapping” the wrist.  A series of “ergo-bumps” was included to both improve the comfort of the grip and also to act as an edge that can be draped in an open-handed grip to more evenly distribute force between each finger as an aid for rehabilitating some finger tweaks.

The 40mm 2-finger pockets are perfectly sculpted to provide the most comfortable pockets you’ve ever felt on a hangboard. 

We built in a progression of larger edges for beginning hangboarders (and for experienced hangboarders with larger hands), while still progressing down to a 20mm edge, which has become the de facto edge size for benchmark testing.

The center edge is 40mm deep, but with a fully custom edge profile that is incut at 10 degrees to help facilitate an introduction to more advanced 1-arm hanging progressions.

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  • 40mm 2-finger pockets. The most comfortable 2-finger pockets you’ve ever felt on a hangboard.
  • 40mm edge with our custom edge radius for maximum comfort.
  • 30mm edge with our custom edge radius for maximum comfort.
  • 25mm edge with our custom edge radius for maximum comfort.
  • 20mm edge with our custom edge radius for maximum comfort.
  • 40mm custom profiled edge with a 10 degree incut. Perfect for progressing 1-arm training.
  • Custom jug profile with ergo-bumps for maximum comfort.
  • T-25 Screws included
Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 6 × 2 in

4 reviews for Whetstone

  1. Yuki

    Ergo Bumps keep my wrists in neutral position while warming up and doing pull up exercises. Asymmetrical edge layout lets me hang in an ideal shoulder position while having many edge width options. Edge widths are engraved on the hangboard so you can track your training progression easily, and the edges are comfortable and nice on skin for repeated training sessions. Pockets are very comfortable. Great hangboard!

  2. Ruth Jang

    THE COMFIEST hangboard I’ve had the honor of touching. I’ve been climbing for six years now and by no means am a beginner, but I would still choose this hangboard over any other wooden or plastic hangboard (that’s not from Tension haha.) Although it’s catered towards beginner – intermediate climbers, even for the advanced, it has something to offer – the comfy two finger pockets and the center edge for one arms definitely make me wish I had this at home.
    If you’re a gym owner looking to buy a new hangboard for the general patrons: yes, this hangboard is for you!

  3. Tyler Nelson

    This is the smartest board design out there! The ergo bumps are key for the long-term health of the fingers. I love that athletes can intentionally load their fingers (both open and half-crimp) without having to cram their fingers on a small edge. This board fits a climber’s hand better than any other.

  4. Garrett (verified owner)

    I love it so far. I purchased this because I tore my lumbrical muscle in my hand and my old hangboard was too aggressive to use while in the rehab phase. The Whetstone has great options for beginners/rehabbing finger tweaks and a great progression of holds once you’ve established a good regimen and are looking to move to smaller edges.

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