The Next Evolution — Years in the Making

The Tension Board 2 was developed from the ground up to be the singular most effective systemized training board.

Built on a foundation of versatility—we combined the symmetrical DNA of the Tension Board 1 with the functionality of a traditional spray wall, resulting in the optimal climbing and training experience.


The versatility of the TB2 begins with its two distinct layouts. With the option to choose between Mirror or Spray hold orientations, you have the ability to tailor the board’s characteristics to match your specific training needs.


Expanding on the same symmetrical nature of the TB1, The Mirror Layout puts balance and purposeful training at your fingertips. The ability to climb the mirrored opposite of each boulder in this layout creates the optimal scenario for highlighting and targeting specific weaknesses—ultimately helping to improve your climbing skills over time.


Spray walls have become known for their effective hold varieties, endless setting options, and ease of replicating realistic boulder problems. Keeping these elements at its core—The Spray Layout provides a broad range of unique setting possibilities and is fine-tuned to supply a never-ending variety of complex movement.

“The TB2 is everything I have ever wanted in a board. Between the wide variety of new grips and hold placement, I truly believe it’s the missing link in board training.”

—Ben Hanna
US National Team Member


Hold Types

Versatility you can feel

Combining re-imagined wood holds and dual-textured polyurethane plastic, the TB2 introduces numerous variables never before offered in systemized climbing boards.


Made from several varieties of locally sourced, FSC® Certified hardwoods—our new and improved line of wooden holds are among the most comfortable and diverse we’ve offered. This hold set is purposefully designed to be ultra-effective for training—keeping skin management central to its nature. Designed, manufactured, and tested by climbers in Denver, Colorado.


Created in collaboration with Mimic Climbing, the TB2’s dual-texture polyurethane holds were shaped using contemporary 3D printing methods. The extensive range of plastic shapes offer friction where you need it with the added accuracy challenges dual-texture holds are known for.

“The TB2 is hands down the most versatile board on the market. The diversity of holds and layout options offers quality boulders of any style and any grade at any angle, as well as tremendous capacity for fun and complex movement.”

—Maya Madere
US National Team Member

145 New, Unique Shapes

Hold variation is essential to creating an all-in-one standardized training board. The TB2 introduces 33 newly designed wooden shapes as well as 112 purpose-made, dual-texture polyurethane holds.

Grip Types

Inspired by many of our favorite spray wall holds, the TB2 includes numerous grip types from various hold families. The 145 shapes range from extra small to large, general to specific, and includes eleven different foot varieties for limitless setting possibilities.

The Difference You Can See

New with the TB2 is our in-hold lighting solution. Now, not only are LEDs positioned within each hold, they are accompanied by custom-molded polyurethane light pipes to further enhance their illuminating power.


“The hold diversity of the TB2 allows you to target whatever you want out of your session. Crimps, pinches, powerful and static climbing—it’s all there.”

—Zach Galla
Professional Climber

Board Sizes

The TB2 is available in four sizes (HxW)

New to the offering are the flagship 12×12 (HxW) and the wide 10×12 (HxW).

The 12×12 offers the full range of holds and is the ideal setup for gyms and larger facilities.

Specifically sized for home climbing wall setups, the 10×12 gives you the full width of our flagship size only slightly shorter; taking advantage of wider spaces where ceiling height is restrictive.

The TB2 is also available in the standard 12×8 and the cropped 10×8.

"The Tension Board 2 makes a huge leap in the evolution of training boards. You can tell that every detail is deliberate and well thought out. Unique shapes, comfort, and class that only Tension Climbing can offer."

—Austin Geiman
Owner - Springs Climbing Center

Pre-loaded Climbs

All of us at Tension Climbing are dedicated, seasoned climbers. We’ve worked diligently to launch the TB2’s opening set with hundreds of high-quality boulders so that you can have a great, out-of-the-box climbing experience as soon as your board is assembled.